Tuesday, August 20, 2013

huge "sigh"

things around my household never calm down. My husband is in the hospital once again. I have had no time to do any art. We are remoldeling our home by ourselves and we also babysit out 2 yr old granddaughter so we try to get some things done before we have to watch her. With all of my disabilities from my car accident it is very hard for me physically to do all these things but lord knows I try. I have maybe 2 days to myself which then I try to work on art or the house. I did create a board on pinterest of some of my work if you care to take a look. I hope to have some new items for Christmas to sell on E-bay. My daughter starts college in September and then I will have all day to myself to play since my granddaughter will be at her aunties for the days my daughter has classes to give this old lady a break. I can handle watching her 6-8 hrs a day but not 15-18. I look forward to sharing some new work soon. Please bare with me while I try to get my life and family back in order.                                                                                                                 http://pinterest.com/reppiks327/codys-keepsakes-kathrens-board/

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