Saturday, April 24, 2010


for the lack of posts and new art but things around here have become very hectic. Many of you know that we take care of my father-in-law 24/7. He was living at his own home with mom but mom had to go to the hospital for a pacemaker 3 weeks ago which we thought went very well. 2 days after surgery we got a call from the ER that they were doing CPR on her. She went at least 4-5min without oxygen. She was in an induced coma for almost a week and just started waking up and talking somewhat but is still very touch and go. We have moved Dad to our house and he is doing very well. But for right now I, unfortunatly have no desire to be in the studio. I hope that everyone understands this. I do however have some pieces I will be posting on e-bay during the week. I have been trying to support my husband as best I can. Thank you for understanding!! Hope to be back soon!!