Sunday, July 26, 2009

Think I'm Cursed

Is there such a thing? If so....then I have been cursed. Planned on going to mom and dads for dinner this afternoon but wanted to at least get my one item listed on e-bay: check! Mom called and said dinner was ready, my man was already over there working on the deck, they only live around the corner from us. So anyways I shut the computer down and figured I would finish my next item when I came home. So walking out the door to come home I notice my back tire is flat....WHAT THA.....things just keep coming at me. Well I drove it home and will let the man deal with it later. In the mean time I DID post my other item on e-bay

I think for the rest of today I am staying in and just watching the boob tube while I surf some blogs. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!

Frogs, Pumpkins and Bats OH MY!!!!!!

Friday started out to be a great day!! I went into the studio cold drink in hand turned the air on, sun was out I was ready to go. THEN not even 10 min. into it.....the POWER goes out. What I checked all the usual stuff, no go. Found out they were working a few streets down and power would be off. another cold drink and sat out on the deck with Kaitlyn(my daughter) and talked and played cards for about 5hrs!! I thought well this day is shot. Then we BBQ and ate dinner together and the power came back on about 6. So she went to her room and I watched some tv. When I went to bed and was thinking about the days events I thought it was a great day. I got to spend time with my daughter talking and laughing.

SOOOOOO saturday I amde it back into the studio and finally finished 2 pieces I was working on. In my last post I mentioned my man found another cast iron pot and I painted on that. I love how it turned out. I have it on ebay right now so check it out :

I also have another item I am going to post so as soon as I have that up I will post the link.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finally......some ambition!

After some rough patches going on in my life this past month or so, I finally went into the studio yesturday and actually did some painting instead of just going in there....looking around and closing the door!!! I sold my cauldron with the witches on it to a friend even before it hit e-bay. Luckily for me the guy at the flea market always has 2-3 of the same item. Thats why my honey likes to shop up there, me.....not so much!!!! But anyways he bought me the last "cauldron" that he had so I am busy painting on that one and am very excited so far on how it is turning out!!! I will post pics tonight wether it is done or not just for a sneak peek so make sure you check back.
OHHHHH and before I forget....I WON.....I actually WON something. Robert from halloween fanatic had a give away and my # was picked. I was so excited. Now I am eagerly awaiting my Cruella davil picture. Need to get the mail before my daughter though so she doesn't swipe it from me....well I'm off to the studio!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Shocking loss...

Well this past weekend has been very sad and emotionally tiring. Friday morning we received a very shocking phone call that our Uncle bob had a severe heart attack and passed away which was very suprising because he was not sick and was not on any medication and for being 74 he was very active. His wife is just beside herself. Our dad who was his brother and best friend is just heartbroken. Feb 2008 dad had a dabilitating stroke which has left him very dependent on his son(my hubby) he is paralyzed on his right side but we do what we can with him and try to keep his spirits up. Yesturday we had him and mom over for a bbq with my step-daughter and fiance who was up visiting so we had a good day!! But with all the sadness around us lately is has been hard for me to find some insperation to be creative. So I haven't posted anything new in awhile. I am hoping that things start to look better.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nice and Quiet

The neighborhood is back to normal!! The pOlish fEstiVal was this weekend.. which isn't a bad thing exCept we live right aCross the StrEet from where they have it. Now... when we bought the hoUse we knew this. And actually its not that nOisy....but we didn't think we would have to put up with all the iGnoRent people that attend. Last year we pretty much had to stake out our own dRiveWay because people would block it or decide they could pArk there or on our lawn. So this year we parked our cars aLong the road in front of our House so nobody could park on our lawn or in the dRivewAy!!! Worked out pretTy gOOd!!! Onto a better note I finally made it back into the sTudio!! The man found me some stuff at the flEa MarKet. One of the items was a black cast iron dish....the minUte I seen it I autoMaticAlly thought of a wiTches coUldrOn so I painted some witches dancing around a couldron. I am going to list it on EbAy along with Frank!!! Hopefully I can get some better pics. It has been miserable and raining here for the past three days. So I will have to take them in the StudIo.