Sunday, October 24, 2010

cHeEse and RiCe.....

haven't been on e-bay in awhile and I guess the punishment was it took me over an hour to list my moOn MaN!! Had to call them to verify my identity then they wouldn't let me post because Iwas trying to give free shipping and for some reason it wouldn't let me....after a few choice words and almost throwing things I finally was able to post two items.

I am also going to start adding things to my Etsy store. I have been very neglectful of posting items on my blog and etsy. I just haven't been very healthy these last few weeks and hopefully with the meds I'm on now will help. Christmas is only a few months away and I will admit it is my favorite time of year and I love making things for Christmas. So I need to get the lead out of my booty and get to work. So watch for new items!!!


Friday, October 1, 2010


Here is a little pEeK at what I have been doing in the StUdIo. I know the pics are not that great!! I have been working with a new program and trying to figure it out(UGH) It is really trying my PaTieNcE!!! Hopefully I can figure it out a little better, then I will post some better pics.