Thursday, February 11, 2010

feeling a bit SpRinGy....

Here are ThReE spring items I finished up the other day. They are all Terrye French designs!!!
The chicky in the water can is made from polymer clay. There is also some light glitter around the top of the can, it doesn't show up very good!!

This wallpocket is painted with my favorite color. The carrots inside are also made from polymer clay. You can see some of the glitter on this one. This is my favorite one!!
and last....AnOthEr wallpocket. I love these. This is just a simple one. Somthing light and cheery!

I will be posting these on E-bay sometime this week, but if anyone is interested in them before I post them just e-mail me. Hopefully I can get some bEtTeR pics for e-bay!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

back in the grOoOve....

yeah YEAH yeah.....went into the studio a few days ago and finished.....well I didn't FiNish them yet, but I am on my way. I went to Jo-Ann's today to get some PaPeRClAy but NOOOO they don't carry it anymore. I did pick up some pastel ribbon and some spring-eastery florals. I went to Hobby Lobby for the paperclay. So I plan on going in the studio tommorrow to finish my 3 spring items. So look for new pics in the next few days. I also plan on sculpting some spring bunnies and chicks. Boy its good to be BaCk!!!!