Friday, February 5, 2010

back in the grOoOve....

yeah YEAH yeah.....went into the studio a few days ago and finished.....well I didn't FiNish them yet, but I am on my way. I went to Jo-Ann's today to get some PaPeRClAy but NOOOO they don't carry it anymore. I did pick up some pastel ribbon and some spring-eastery florals. I went to Hobby Lobby for the paperclay. So I plan on going in the studio tommorrow to finish my 3 spring items. So look for new pics in the next few days. I also plan on sculpting some spring bunnies and chicks. Boy its good to be BaCk!!!!


  1. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog so I could find your blog :) Looked at some of your other posts - the pictures on the Jan. 15 post are wonderful!! You do amazing work.
    Adding your blog to my "must read" list!

  2. Thanks Audrey....I am glad you like my work!!!


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