Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ugh!!! cOmPutErs

Hi all....I haven't posted in awhile and I try to keep my PeRSOnAL life away from my blog. I started my blog to sHoWCaSe my work and that was it. Unfortunatly my personal life has taken over my creative life. The last few months have consisted of taking care of my father-in-law 24/7 and we are also going through a rough patch with my mother-in-law and trying to get her into assissted living. Since it is basically ONLY Skip and myself that are doing all of this alone, it causes alot of stress which in turn puts my "studio" time on hold. If I am under stress I can not focus or CoNcENtRatE on my work. Which is putting me into a depressive state, because I love creating art!!! I am however going to TRY and work on my blog and learn how to do all the fancy stuff I see on everyones blogs. Mine is just kinda plain and since not a lot of people know my work I am going through my files and plan on putting my past work on the blog. Any suggestions or advice would be great!!! So PLEASE bare with me through this transition.


  1. My husband got sick with cancer about a year after I started selling my paintings on eBay.
    I had 'quit' my day job and was doing the eBay thing full time.
    It was hard...but keep doing art during this highly stressful time in my life.
    We had to do daily chemo and radiation stays.
    Not to mention all the daily runs to the grocery store to 'try' to find "something-anything" that he could eat.
    With eBay..the 7 day auctions..and actually selling my work...I didn't have time to 'take time out' to sit down and have the really good cry I was so desperate to have..even at the end.
    Even though I'm no longer on eBay..and don't have much 'use' for it anymore..I am so thankful I had it helped keep me 'going'.
    So..long story short (sorry bout that)...I do 'identify' with what you are going through. Point being is to 'try..try..try' make time for your really is so calming and healing.

  2. I have been trying to go in the studio and actually lately I have been working on 3-4 pieces at a time. I haven't been on e-bay for quite sometime but I do plan on listing again soon as that is where my art sells, for now!! sorry to hear about your husband. It is very hard when a family member is sick and you see them struggle everyday!!


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