Saturday, December 18, 2010


about throwing in the towel. I'm not getting any response on my art on my blog, ebay or facebook!!! Really dont know what to do anymore. Just very discouraging. I just posted 7 items on ebay and the highest look I got was 24. I just dont get it. I've asked for advice and encouragment and I am just not getting any. Just very tired!!!


  1. I wish I had the answers to sales right now. I have a few friends who aggresively promote on Face Book and Twitter (and everywhere else) and that seems to generate sales, but I don't know how many.
    Artfire is another website for artists; I know a few people there too, but again cannot say what their sales are.
    My work is so different it is hard for me to give advice but these are things I would consider:
    1) Do I need to update my style
    2) Do I need to take a look at what products are selling and what their prices are
    3) Color palettes seem to be important to buyers; is there something I could change in that respect
    4) Is there another way I can take existing work and make a secondary product, such as prints or cards that might be less expensive than an original

    This may or may not be helpful. It's just something to think over. The people I know who sell a lot do so much online promoting that I swear, I don't know when they make art. I know I can't do that. I make art for me, and if something sells I just do a big happy dance.
    I also understand the lows of not selling.
    I hope these are considered words of encouragement---maybe you just need a break to regroup and rethink and then give it another stab in the new year.
    Best wishes with this....


  2. Hi Kathren ~ SO sorry I haven't visited in awhile.

    I too have been struggling this year, and I believe the down economy is affecting all artists. Hang in there and Anne's tips are very good.

    I too will be switching creative gears in 2011 to different types of mediums. My postcards have not been selling well, so it's time for something different. When there is no wind, row.

    Wishing you & yours a most joyous holiday season!

    Chris >:-)



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