Sunday, January 8, 2012


around....some friends have been asking where I have been and when am I going to produce new work. WELL as you can see from my last post my life has been a BiG mess to say the least. We had a lot of loss last year and are still trying to cope with all the grief. On top of all that my HoNey has been sick and he has no insurance so we can't have any tests done so we are trying to cope with that and then we had to move. Which has its ups and up side is its twice as big so we have more room which is awesome. down side is it needs a lot of work mostly on the inside. I also had to(well chose to) give up my studio because my 17yr old nephew came to live with us so I am without a studio at this point. I am going to use my closet in the bedroom as a temp. spot. Then in the spring we are going to convert the AtTiC into my studio which is huge so I can't wait!!! I MISS NOT BEING ABLE TO CREATE!!!!! so please bare with me!!!!!


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