Saturday, November 3, 2012

This is Skip (Kathy's fiancee)

Kathy was in an accident last night, she is stable/critical condition. They have her in an induced coma. She has multiple fractures in all four limbs and we are waiting for the Orthopedic surgeon to see her this afternoon and I'll post more when we know more

Home from the hospital Kathy is still heavily sedated in TICU at St Marys in Saginaw, she is stabilized all the test are showing normal brain activity and all the major organs seem to be okay. They set her left leg today and still will need surgery on her letft ankle. As far as her right hip/pelvis it will be a while before they will decide how to repair the new and previous trauma. They did sutur
e her leg, abdomen, arm and a plastic surgeon was coming to fix a laceration on her forehead. There are no decisions made yet on a surgery for her right arm and wrist. She has a LONG uphill road ahead of her now. I will keep posting on here so all know whats going on and THANK YOU ALL for the outpouring of prayers and support you have no idea how greatful that makes me feel. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers

here is a link to the newspaper article about Kathys accident. The pictures of the car are disturbing


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