Thursday, June 6, 2013


We have been pretty busy here at home. Today my Studio arrived. I am so excited. Before I can start doing anything to it we have to wait until the Living room is all done. Right now it is all stripped right down to the studs. My honey is doing the wiring and adding instillation. Then the drywall guy will be here Monday. Then we will paint it. THEN my honey has to do the electrical work and instillation in my studio and drywall it and then we can paint it and start filling it with all my craft stuff that is in the attic. I have so many ideas I'm going nuts.
                                                                         Side view
                                               Front view, I just love the french doors.
 We painted the front porch last week and I love it. I bought a bunch metal stars and painted them white instead of painting them. Need a few more decorations and it will be complete. We also painted the floor red.

I am still working on the table top I started painting. Worked on it some yesterday then we had company. But I'll be back at it today. Hope everyone is having a great week.


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