Monday, August 17, 2009

Let it sNoW....

let it sNoW....I know.. its to early to start thinking of Christmas with Halloween right around the
corner RiGhT!!!!! But I LOVE snowmen!! Here is a Wip pic of two that I made out of paperclay.

Here is a pic of the "almost" finished snowman. I painted him an antique white then I drybrushed a very light blue over the white. I covered him in a fine light blue glitter. Added his scarf from some scraps I have and made him some earmuffs, don't want his ears getting cold. The snowball in his left hand is covered with snow-texture paint. All I have to do is make him a sled to ride on and he will be done. As soon as I get the other snowman done I will post him. I hope everyone had a great weekend!! Now back to work!!


  1. Totally precious, sweetie!!! I am nuts over snowmen too, but oddly enough, I rarely make them. . . Humph. . . You have inspired me!

  2. thanks I inspired someone. That makes my day!!! Hopefully I get both of them finished today.


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