Friday, October 16, 2009

Got Mail.....

I do....Found this wonderful package in my box today....I love presents. These are the cones I won from Wildwood arts. They are so cute and colorful. Thank you Jeanne..... Now for my give away!!! unfortunatly I have not heard from the winner and it has been a week with multiple emails and comments on her blog. So I will draw another name....poor bella has been in a box for over a week....good thing she's a bat and likes the dark......ok so the new winner is LYNN from PAINTING THYME NEEDFULS. I will email you so I can get your snail mail address.


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  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk! I'm so excited......I sent you an email with my address and gave you flying instructions to get on your broom and get Bella down to the postie office for me!!! Congrats for your win..I agree presents are wonderful...especially homemade ones !! They are made with LOVE! Fly on over to my blog to see the message I left you there!!!


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