Monday, October 19, 2009

Awesome Giveaway.....

WOW!!!!! Pumkin Patch Primitives is having a great giveaway....OHHHH I want these!!! I love the rules for this one....Here is the link go check it out

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two new e-bay items.....

Well I finally got my items listed on ebay. I should know better then to list something first thing in the morning. I listed my snowman sleigh first, looked pretty good. launched it and looked and HELLO I had the halloween background for my sleigh......UGH!!! So went and redid all of it. So now they are right(I think)....
Here is the link

Well now off to the studio to work on another Christmas piece!!!
Have a great weekend

Friday, October 16, 2009

Got Mail.....

I do....Found this wonderful package in my box today....I love presents. These are the cones I won from Wildwood arts. They are so cute and colorful. Thank you Jeanne..... Now for my give away!!! unfortunatly I have not heard from the winner and it has been a week with multiple emails and comments on her blog. So I will draw another name....poor bella has been in a box for over a week....good thing she's a bat and likes the dark......ok so the new winner is LYNN from PAINTING THYME NEEDFULS. I will email you so I can get your snail mail address.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

jingle bells, jingle bells....

jingle all the way!!!! Found this sled at a flea market awhile back!! Decided to finally paint it. I will be posting this and my halloween dish on e-bay tomm. I always start my auctions at a low price. So this gives everyone a chance.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Very First award....

I received this award from sonia at I love it....ok hope these are n0t supposed to be just one word answers......
1 Where is your cell phone? table
2 Your hair? red

3 Your mother? not there
4 Your father? not there
5 Your Favorite food? mexican
6 Your dream last night? weird
7 Your favorite drink?
8 Your dream/goal? own shop
9 What room are you in? living room
10 Your hobby? art
11 Your fear? spiders....ewwww
12 Where do you want to be in six years? happy
13 Where were you last night? home
14 Something that you aren't? outgoing
15 Muffins? love
16 Wish list item? go to Myrtles plantation
7 Where did you grow up? Michigan
8 Last thing you did? blog
19 What are you wearing? clothes.....dah
20 Your Tv? on
21 Your pets? chihuahua(diego)shih tzu(karmin)cat(chico) man(skip)
22 Friends? some
23 Your life? pretty good
24 Your mood? good(so far)
25 Missing someone? yes (son)
26 Vehical? truck,firebird,van,kia sportage
27 Something your not wearing? slippers
28 Your favorite store? barnes and noble
29 Your favorite color? hunter green
30 When was the last time you laughed? doing this
31 Last time you cried? few days ago
32 Your best friend? skip
33 One place that I go over and over? bathroom...LOL ok studio
34 One person who Emails you regularly? skip
35 Favorite place to eat? wow...ummmm- tonys

well I hope I won't break any rules here but I can't add six people because I know of so many that do not accept awards! so I hope no one is offended.....I had a blast doing this though....thanks sonia.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Time has arrived....

sorry Im late but for some reason the printer didnt want to work, then of course it wouldn't post
so I will try again.....I had my daughter, Kaitlyn, scramble them up and pick a the winner.
I want to Thank all of my new followers and I will definitly have another give away soon.

Here is a fabulous give away(honestly I don't want anyone to know because I want to win) I collect antiques. Our house is decorated in nothing but antiques. So I want to win......go check it out and sign up

Good luck.....
don't forget 9pm tonight for BeLlA

Thursday, October 8, 2009

TrIcK or TrEaT sMell My FeEt.....

Finally finished my CaNdY DiSh I love this one. As you can see there are FoUR different cats on this piece with lots of bats, which all all different. Not one bat is the same. The lid has a spider web on it with some spiders. You can use it for anything but I thought it would be cute to hold your favorite candy. I will be listing this on e-bay tommorrow. If you are interested in it just email me.

Don't forget only one more day for my BELLA giveway.....



Saturday, October 3, 2009

GhOuLtiDe GatHeRinG.....

was worth the trip.....unfortunately I did not get any pics. We were not allowed to take any in the buildings. I think it was because this was a historic village with museums, but that still does not make sense. All I know is there were signs stating no pics in buildings. I still had a great time. We live 101miles north of where the show was. The weather was chilly and it was raining on and off. It was amazing to see all the artist's work and to actually be able to pick some of them up. William Bezek and Scott Smith were dressed to impress. I finally bought the ADQ and had it signed by Scott Smith...giggle(writing in right hand corner). It was hard to get to P.K Gracia's(soft in the head)table but I patiently awaited my turn and stood there in awe for a few min.(ok like 20) After we went through all the buildings me and my hubby walked through the village which has a schoolhouse , church and some houses which are all set in the 1800's, which I love. I could not wait to get home and get in my pj pants and curl up on the couch and read my magazines. Of course I had to drive home but I TRIED to follow the speed limit but out of the corner of my eye my magazines were saying "hurry, hurry"...giggle. We made it home safe and I only made it through ADQ so far, which I know I will look through probably a dozen times. So now to wait for next year. Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.