Thursday, November 19, 2009


with my sled today and I love how it turned out. I want to keep it!!! BUT I already have WAY too much CHriStmAs stuff the way it is. The santa is one of Terrye French's design that I added my own touch too. I made his beard out of paperclay and I think it adds dimension to the piece. I added some moss, berries, grapevine,cinnamon sticks and pine cones to the top and hanging off to the side is a star ornie. I am obsessed with CINNAMON!! I use it on everything I make, I love the smell. It was hard not to add sparklies to this piece but I wanted a more prim look. I put my SANTA egg in a enamelware cup and added some rusty bells, polymer clay candy canes and a red glitter ribbon. Added sparkles to this one.
Last year I made a few sets of these lil MICE writing a note to santa. The mouse is made from polymer clay and has a scarf tied around his neck with, what else? CINNAMON rubbed on it. The note reads>>> Dear Santa I love you I have been very good I have many sisters and brothers what I would like for Christmas is CHEESE for my family I wanted the paper to look used and like the lil guy found it, so I watered down some brown paint and washed the paper with it and I made a few cup rings and smears also. I hope everyone had a wonderful day.

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  1. WOw...I love those!!!! Adorable, adorable!!! I love any Terrye French design. They are really fun to do.....I know what you mean about not wanting to give things up......I have to make one for me and one to sell....hence why it take me over a week to decorate the house!!!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my mess!!!!! LOL!!!!


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