Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Snowmen Galore....

I think I am obsessed with snowmen! I can't stop painting them! Here are two more items with>>>>what else snowmen!! The first one is a little rusty shovel. The snowman is all tuckerd out. The handle has greenery, grapevine, white pipberries, cinnamon star and more. Then I made some snowpops out of polymer clay. Added a stick to each and put them in a rusty bucket with snow, bows, and glitter.

I am so happy to be back in the studio again. Boy did I miss it. I am trying to get some inventory for the etsy shop I want to open before Christmas. I think I am almost there. So watch for my Grand opening! ;)

Hope everyone had a glorious day!!


  1. Well! I see I'm not the only one creating snowmen like crazy! Wonderful! Let it snow!!!!

  2. STJ was here! Hope you win! Thanks OODLES for your support!

  3. i love these..i dont think i saw these...this new facebook leaves me in the dark with alot of my friends and updates and i have tried all the tricks---- keep on making these....they are adorable


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