Saturday, June 6, 2009

ECeNtRic OlD Guy

Well The picture isnt the greatest!! Its not that sunny here today. I will get better pics of him tomm...... hopefully. SoOo when I started this guy I didn' t really have anything in mind. BuT as I continued on with him I kept thinking about when I was younger and would go TrIcK-Or-TrEaTiNg in our neighborhood. Which was out in the country so houses were few and far in BeTwEen! There was this one house wAaAaAy down the road that all the kids just kNeW was HaUnTed. No one wanted to go up to the door but with some BrIbiNg one of us always went up there. After kNoCking 4 or 5 times the door flung open and there he was........(see pic above) a older "EceNtric" GeNtlEmAn with his buCket full Of ApPles and His hair blowIn in the Wind. We never did eat thOse apples kNowing for sure they WeRe pOison.
You can't see alot of the details in the pic but he is wearing a purple velvet shirt with a black LeAthEr vest, BlAck pants and a black cape. He is wearing A PuRplE bowtie with his bone NecKlace and sKull on a Chain. His shoes are black with leather straps and SkUllS. His waLkiNg stick is just that A sTicK with a skuLl on top and bones danGliNg from it. I felt alot better today and had to kinda FoRcE myself in the studio just so I felT like MysElf again. I'm Glad I did!!! Now for A nice qUiet eVening!!! Hope all is well in your ParT of The worLd!!!


  1. He is Marvelous...I think we all had the eccentric old ppl no one liked to go trivk or treating at...But that was the greatest thing the fear then...Love him he is awesome.

    Sonia ;)

  2. Very very nice!i think that is very particular and eccentric!;-)
    good work!


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