Saturday, June 20, 2009

GrEat Day!!!

Today has been pretty GoOd. I fEel so much better! So I finally fInisHed my FranKensteIn that I started before I Got sIck. I PoSted 2 pIcs. He is made of PolyMer ClAY and is abOut 5in tall. I will list him when SEHA grOup has their HalLowEen saLe. Along with a fEw other items I plan to haVe finisHed. Sooooo while FraNk was in the oven. I went Looking for a Charcoal Print I had started over a YeAr ago and would like to finiSh (of and angel and baby walking...reminds me of my son)and I found the very fIrst charCoal print I did when I was in CollEge. So Iposted thAt also. Since I am new to bLogging not alot of people kNow my art or what I do. Hope I didn't bore you too mUch.


  1. Oh Wow...Thats Charcoal....Amazing..Im sorry you have been so sick..ICKie...Im going to keeping reading uour posts...If you dont get a comment from me No fret..My job during the day has if I can post at night I will....I love to encourage, motivate and keep ppl smiling......Love your Blog..Amazing charcoal..Love Frank too..he is adorable..

    Sonia ;)

  2. Frank is great! Hope you're feeling better!

  3. Thanks.....yup feelin better!! now just to get the AC in the studio so I can get to work again.
    Sonia....thanks. Yup thats charcoal. very messy to work with but love the results.


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