Friday, June 19, 2009


oK So I have been sick for like the last 2 weeks!!! I finally went to the DR. on weds and found out I have a pretty bad sinus infection.......I won't bore you with the details....ewWwwwwWWW!!! So yesturday I felt better good but not quite good enough for the studio....toDaY ALOT better!! But the question came I clean the house( I am somewhat of a clean freak) OR do I go in the studio??? OH the irony!!! Well needless to say the house won...laundry, dusting, etc etc... Tommorrow though I will venture into the studio....OH YES I WILL!!!! I started a frankenstein sculpt with polymer clay before I got sick!!! The SEHA group is going to have a major sale on EBAY so I would like to have several pieces ready for this......I will of course post pics. And I kinda gave up on pics of my lil eCEntrIc gUy!!! I just can't seem to get good pics of him that show all the details that I would like! Ok so I am raMbLing on so I will close for now.

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