Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ok So Today Started off pretty good!! Took the caMera and got some pics of my sculpt...Had to take them inside because it is cold and yucky outside(Michigan---gotta love it) satisfied with that I went into the studio and started scUlpTing!! Then I thought well I am going to take pics of the stUdiO so everyone can At least see where I do my work!!! Did that. Came downstairs after a few HoUrs to add my Pics to my Blog and Guess WHAT???? Deee Daa Deee da Deee!!! NO FRICKEN memory card in the camera.....OY!!!!!! So I haD to sTart over(The cable to the Camera is somewhere in the BlaCk Hole). So I took all my pics over......needless to say by then it was a bit too Dark to get any pics of my sculpt!!!!....Ohhhhh The irony. Well mayBe tomm. Because NOW I am DeTeRmined to get good pics of Him. This is the entrance to The BlAcK HoLe(my daughters room) We only go in there when NeCeSSarY......or our dishes are MisSiNg!!! Love The Halloween sign!(founf it at MicHaels craft Store)
These Are pics of my StUdiO...I figured I would let EvEryOne see where I try to be CrEaTive!! My Hubby Is the one who made the counters, shelves etc. and drywalled it for me. Then when I was in the Hospital he painted IT fOr me(the YelloW....always sUnnY in there). I added all the Extras. That area is basically My StoCk area.

This is my PaiNtIng area(wIth A pic Of ChucK--hubba hubba---LidDell..UFC fighter)

This is the area where I add all the final ToUches to my aRt!!!

This is where I should have a sink that works....but Its being UsEd as Storage for now until the mAn gets around to adding PlUmbInG to it. Behind the Door is the DreadEd StorAge area(I'll Have to venture in There ShortLy).

And this is where I do aLl my Clay(sCulpTing) at.
Below is the OverSeeEeeeer of My sTudio.....My veRy firSt scuLpt!!!

Well I hope eVeryOne had A proDuctiVe weekEnd!!!


  1. Thank you for adding me. Thank you for signing up for my give away. I love your blog. I cannot believe that's your very first sculptor. It's amazing! Got to see more.xxxPJ

  2. Your very welcome!! Yup he was my first one. I had a series called the "Shenanagins" there are about 6 or 7 in private collections. That was....gosh....about 5 yrs ago. Will definitly see more (works of art).

  3. Hi! Great work! I'm so glad you left a comment for me, thanks so much! Keep up the wonderful creations, and what a super work space you have!! Cute!!


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