Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New WHAT!!!!

Boy has this year been a bUmpY ride already!! I couldn't wait to go pick my daughter up from the airport on wednesday, I was so excited!! Unfortunatly I was unable to go!!! Tuesday night I was in the hOsPital with the flu. I was sick all week. Thursday we had a snow storm with 7in of snow. My daughter had class that night. I didn't want her to drive in that mess so I was going to drive her Kia, which I nEvEr drive!! Well I lost control of it and after bouncing around on the bridge like a piNbAll we came to rest on the mediun of the bridge. Not a good place to be. We were ok and managed not to hit anyone. Her jeep was towed home. The only damage was a blown out tire and a broken tranny line. THANK GOD!!!
Sunday we did manage to celebrate ChRiStmAs and it was a good day! So now that I feel better and can actually function I plan on being in the studio. I also will be opening my EtSy sHop, so stay tuned!!


  1. Kathern....I think you deserve an endurance medal of some sort; for staying sane and having a bit of a sense of humor through all this!!!
    Hope things have calmed nicely.....very calm!


  2. Thanks Ann!! I have to have a sense of humor to live my life(giggle) so far things are calm and I finally made it back in the studio.

  3. Glad you are o.k.!! It can only get better from here!? Hopefully, this got all the bad out of the way and it's going to be a fabulous year for you from now on! Thanks for visiting my blog. And may Lady Luck be with you! LOL! ;)
    P.S. Can't wait for your shop!

  4. Wow! That's a crazy start. Good thing the rest of the year will be as smooth as butter for you. Good luck!


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