Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nice and Quiet

The neighborhood is back to normal!! The pOlish fEstiVal was this weekend.. which isn't a bad thing exCept we live right aCross the StrEet from where they have it. Now... when we bought the hoUse we knew this. And actually its not that nOisy....but we didn't think we would have to put up with all the iGnoRent people that attend. Last year we pretty much had to stake out our own dRiveWay because people would block it or decide they could pArk there or on our lawn. So this year we parked our cars aLong the road in front of our House so nobody could park on our lawn or in the dRivewAy!!! Worked out pretTy gOOd!!! Onto a better note I finally made it back into the sTudio!! The man found me some stuff at the flEa MarKet. One of the items was a black cast iron dish....the minUte I seen it I autoMaticAlly thought of a wiTches coUldrOn so I painted some witches dancing around a couldron. I am going to list it on EbAy along with Frank!!! Hopefully I can get some better pics. It has been miserable and raining here for the past three days. So I will have to take them in the StudIo.



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