Sunday, July 26, 2009

Think I'm Cursed

Is there such a thing? If so....then I have been cursed. Planned on going to mom and dads for dinner this afternoon but wanted to at least get my one item listed on e-bay: check! Mom called and said dinner was ready, my man was already over there working on the deck, they only live around the corner from us. So anyways I shut the computer down and figured I would finish my next item when I came home. So walking out the door to come home I notice my back tire is flat....WHAT THA.....things just keep coming at me. Well I drove it home and will let the man deal with it later. In the mean time I DID post my other item on e-bay

I think for the rest of today I am staying in and just watching the boob tube while I surf some blogs. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!


  1. I hate when everything keeps pointing at ya like a pistol.Ive had that lately also. Ive been to look at this way...Take the bullet and bite it. Things could be much much worse and you will have experiences to laugh at and make someone else stronger with later....

    Sonia ;)

  2. Hey, sweetie, love your stuff! I think I must be cursed too. I take a step forward and two or three backwards it seems!!! Oh, well. We've just got to keep on keeping on!

  3. Thanks guys....oh trust me I know it could be worse thats why I can laugh at the little things.

  4. Glad to hear she arrived safely! Never know with USPS...Always hope for the best! THANKS! Robert


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