Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finally......some ambition!

After some rough patches going on in my life this past month or so, I finally went into the studio yesturday and actually did some painting instead of just going in there....looking around and closing the door!!! I sold my cauldron with the witches on it to a friend even before it hit e-bay. Luckily for me the guy at the flea market always has 2-3 of the same item. Thats why my honey likes to shop up there, me.....not so much!!!! But anyways he bought me the last "cauldron" that he had so I am busy painting on that one and am very excited so far on how it is turning out!!! I will post pics tonight wether it is done or not just for a sneak peek so make sure you check back.
OHHHHH and before I forget....I WON.....I actually WON something. Robert from halloween fanatic had a give away and my # was picked. I was so excited. Now I am eagerly awaiting my Cruella davil picture. Need to get the mail before my daughter though so she doesn't swipe it from me....well I'm off to the studio!!

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