Sunday, July 26, 2009

Frogs, Pumpkins and Bats OH MY!!!!!!

Friday started out to be a great day!! I went into the studio cold drink in hand turned the air on, sun was out I was ready to go. THEN not even 10 min. into it.....the POWER goes out. What I checked all the usual stuff, no go. Found out they were working a few streets down and power would be off. another cold drink and sat out on the deck with Kaitlyn(my daughter) and talked and played cards for about 5hrs!! I thought well this day is shot. Then we BBQ and ate dinner together and the power came back on about 6. So she went to her room and I watched some tv. When I went to bed and was thinking about the days events I thought it was a great day. I got to spend time with my daughter talking and laughing.

SOOOOOO saturday I amde it back into the studio and finally finished 2 pieces I was working on. In my last post I mentioned my man found another cast iron pot and I painted on that. I love how it turned out. I have it on ebay right now so check it out :

I also have another item I am going to post so as soon as I have that up I will post the link.

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  1. Looks awesome lady...You got it going..

    Sonia ;)


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